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Silk Cut Linoleum is a highly responsive medium that enables artists to create beautiful linocut prints. Silk Cut Linoleum responds to the artists touch.
  • is easy and pleasurable to use
  • has the ability to convey all kinds of marks (e.g., angular and curved lines, textural detail and straight areas of pattern and color)
  • is capable of expressing both very simple and sophisticated imagery
  • is suitable for printing professional editions

Silk Cut is now available in the United States!

Lenz Arts, in Santa Cruz, California, has Silk Cut Lino available in 6"x6" and 12"x12". (24"x48" sheets are sometimes available, inquire for availability.) Please call for pricing and shipping information: 831-423-1935.

For more information on Silk Cut's properties as well as sample artwork, visit the Australian website:

Carving Silk Cut

Wholesale inquiries to Lenz Arts from U.S. retail art supply stores are encouraged.